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The key to fitness success is developing a training program that is not only effective, but one that the client can adhere to.   As a Certified Fitness Trainer with over 18 years of experience as well as a Specialist in Fitness nutrition, I can help achieve your fitness goals.

At Garan Fitness Consulting, I take a three pronged approach when designing my programs.   First, each program is designed around YOUR needs.   With this goal in mind, we then manipulate the training program, diet, and rest/recovery to get results.   Failing to take each variable into account will ultimately result in failure.

Show up with the desire to make your fitness dreams a reality, and let me worry about how to achieve it!   Together you WILL succeed!
At the Metal Shop Gym, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.    Under the guidance of Scott Garan, a certified fitness trainer and owner of Garan Fitness Consulting, every client's training program is individualized to their needs, goals, and abilities.   Contact Scott at 330-554-1345 of at
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