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the Metal Shop Gym
Garan Fitness Consulting is Personal Fitness Training at an Affordable Price!
Located in Kent, Ohio the Metal Shop Gym is the personal training studio utilized by Scott Garan of Garan Fitness Consulting to train his one-on-one clients.   Not open to the general public, the Metal Shop is perfect for those that don't have time to wait for occupied machines at a public gym or for those not wishing to work out in front of others.   

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Summer is time to lean out and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

If you have worked hard all winter, now is the time to show off those new muscles and enjoy the summer.   Still, so many are TRYING to get that summer body!

That is where I come in!   With over 20 years of experience training others, I can get you to your fitness goals!   Will it happen by summer?   Maybe not, but getting started is the hardest part!   I tell my clients to hang with me for two weeks!   In that time, you WILL start seeing some results! They will be small, but you may notice a little more strength or your clothes feeling just a little bit looser!

That is when you start believing that, YES you can do it!   Contact me for more information!